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Contact Center & Profit Improvement

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Operational Efficiency

Improve Service & Sales While Reducing Costs

We will work for a % of savings or revenue found!

For more than three decades, ERIC YOUNG ASSOCIATES, have been helping clients reduce costs and improve revenue without compromising service quality, the need for capital expense or headcount reductions.

.A Disciplined Approach
Process design techniques, premised on Six Sigma and Kaizen continuous improvement are used when appropriate to drive quantifiable business cases for optimizing people, process & technology. We aggressively strive to eliminate waste in operational processes, re-engineer workflow, uncover and leverage excess capacity and map work to appropriate competencies (RACI).
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A Promise You Can Take to the Bank
    1.  Measurable / concrete results that cannot be disputed.
    2.  A minimum 200% ROI within the first 12 months of completion

Our Differentiator
  1.  We are results driven
  2.  We have been doing this for more than three decades
  3.  We are prepared to work for a percentage of savings or incremental revenue

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Our proven programs provide a "no-nonsense", fast & affordable path to realizing cost savings, revenue growth & superior customer experience...

Our Signature Programs
The following two programs are our roots and represent what our firm was founded upon. While each program offers tangible value, together they will deliver hard benefits as well as long term sustainability.
Operations Audit
Identify, Quantify, Justify & Benchmark
Define, Measure, Analyze
An assessment tool & method that takes a "snap shot" of your current state operations.

We call it "BaseLine" because it is so much more than just an Audit tool for your contact center & back office operations.

A Current State Diagnostic
  • Identify your cost per customer contact & BaseLine it to the industry standard, teams or locations.
  • Measure where your people spend their time
  • Spot opportunities to increase revenue, improve cycle time, increase production & improve service delivery
  • Build a quantifiable business case for change
  • SWOT analysis & planning
  • Strategic task management tool linked to KPI's

  • 6 categories, 26 sub-categories & 500+ data points
  • Immediate reporting
  • Cost per contact
  • Cost per work activity - for back office portion (+)
  • Do it yourself  - "On Demand" (majority - includes agent observation and analysis)
  • Low cost

It's Affordable
Traditional operations assessments can be difficult to justify because you won't know the extent of the opportunities until completion of the audit after spending between $30 - $40K.

The cost of BaseLine Audit is just $12,360 which equates to approximately the tax you would pay at traditional rates. 
Realize & Sustain
Improve, Control 
Implementation follows the BaseLine Audit and can encompass all or some of the opportunities that were identified.
  • Risk Assessment
  • Opportunities Selection
  • Change Management Planning
  • Implementation Strategy
  • Project "Glide Path"
  • Project Management
 It's Also Affordable​​
We can work with your resources and within your budget to create an action plan that addresses all of the elements above.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We aim to reply within 24 hours.
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